The Best of the Tradition with a Heart for Evangelism and Discipleship

Sunday Morning
Sunday School: 10:00 am
Worship: 11:00 am

Join us for Theology on Tap every Tuesday at 5:00pm at Saint Dane's, @ Elgin and Brazos

Special Events Coming Soon, All Free and Open to the Public
Saturday, September 20, 7:30 pm An Evening with Dr. James Tour. Dr. Tour, a renowned chemist will offer a lecture on "Science, Faith, Chemical Mechanisms and Reflections on Darwinian Evolution."
Sunday, September 21, 7:30 pm, Young Artist Collective Concert, Music of the Spheres: Megan Stapleton and Patrick Parker will present a concert of early music from a wide variety of nations. Sunday, November 16, 7:30 pm Zachow Consort and Players Early Music Concert

FIrst Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded in 1851 in downtown Houston and has been in Midtown since 1927. It served as the gathering place for German Lutherans in Houston for the first several decades of its life. It continues to serve as a gathering place for followers of Jesus who desire to worship, learn, and serve their Lord together. First Lutheran is committed to the Great Commission of making disciples and baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To carry this mission out, we emphasize five ministries:

  • Worship and Teaching - The worship is rooted in the historic liturgy and music of the Lutheran tradition. The teaching and preaching are rooted in the Bible, apologetics, and movements in society and the Church at large.
  • First Friends -  This Parents Day Out program is for infants, toddler and Pre-K children. It uses a Christian curriculum and serves families with young children. And for parents looking for affordable and trustworship babysitting, check out the new Parent's Night Out Program here.
  • Jesus 101 -  Taking advantage of First Lutheran being across the street from Houston Community College, this outreach is aimed at reaching the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It uses the tools of apologetics and free lunch to stimulate interesting conversation. It begins Wednesday, September 10, from 12:00-1:30 pm.
  • The Bonhoeffer House - This program will house and train men and women for future ministry, while living in intentional Christian community. It hosts Theology on Tap at Saint Dane's and a Bible Study at the house Tuesday evenings. It is inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer's classic work Life Together.
  • First Word Debate Series - These events will bring together intellectuals and public figures to debate the philosophical, moral and religious issues of our day.

First Lutheran strongly supports and recommends the Christian Community Service Center. CCSC acts as the hands and feet of Christ, responsibly and lovingly helping those in Houston who are unemployed, underemployed, hungry and homeless.

 First is a member of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC). We look forward to seeing you soon.