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The Scarlet Thread Podcast

The Scarlet Thread Podcast is a daily Bible podcast that employs the 2-year daily lectionary to cover much of the Old Testament in two years, and most of the New Testament every year. This 6-10  minute daily podcast will include three scriptural readings (one Old Testament, one New Testament and one Gospel lesson), the Lord's prayer, and a psalm or proverb. 

Why call it The Scarlet Thread? The “scarlet thread” that runs throughout the scripture is the salvation of man found only in Jesus Christ. It is scarlet because the salvation is ultimately found in the scarlet blood of Jesus, and it is a thread because it is foreshadowed and preached about in the Old Testament before being realized in the New. There will be no special effects or background music (except for the ringing of the church bell) What we wanted to offer here is just the plain reading of God’s Word.​ The feed will include about one month's worth of readings at any given time.

While this is not a complete reading of the Bible, it is a great way to hear the narrative of the scriptures. As it follows the liturgical year, festival and saint’s days will be observed. The Scarlet Thread uses the  Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible.  ​​The podcast feed can be found here. If you have an iPhone, use your built-in Podcasts app to search for The Scarlet Thread and then subscribe. You will need an account with Apple but ​all podcasts are free, including this one. If you use an Android device, I highly recommend using the CastBox app. It's a free app and you can find it through Google Play. The podcasts will not come up through Stitcher and CastBox's search feature is easy to use.