Here are some samples of what this wonderful instrument can do. These samples were recorded by Fred McClanahan and Stephen Distad is the organist. 

Progress and Detail Photos

Martin Pasi's Opus 23

‚ÄčOn Monday, March 10, Martin Pasi and Co. delivered their Opus 23, a 16-stop pipe organ to First Lutheran. This organ, the finishing touch in the wake of the October, 2011 fire, is a wonderful addition to the music and organ community in Houston. The organ is especially useful for music of the 17th century, but has a wide range of musical possibilities. For photos of the delivery and progress photos, check out First Lutheran's Facebook page here. The organ was dedicated on April 27, 2014. To learn more about the specification of the organ, visit Martin Pasi's website here. To see a wonderful spot Channel 2 Houston did on the new organ,
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The Best of the Tradition With a Heart for Evangelism and Discipleship

  • Pasi 23 Sample 11:45
  • Pasi 23 Sample 21:19
  • Pasi 23 Sample 32:32
  • Pasi 23 Sample 40:56
  • Pasi 23 Sample 53:34
  • Pasi 23 Sample 66:25
  • Pasi 23 Sample 73:10